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New Zealand's TimeBanking Guru - Margaret  Jefferies

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Margaret Jefferies is a visionary.  She is often referred to as the "Grandmother of New Zealand TimeBanking". In her role as Chair of Project Lyttelton, Margaret sought to establish a complementary currency in Lyttelton as a community builder.  She introduced the concept of TimeBanking to New Zealand in 2005, the result of which was New Zealand's very first TimeBank, the Lyttelton TimeBank. Margaret enjoys playing with the many possibilities that TimeBanking can open up for communities – and the working towards getting them healthily established.


Margaret is also a board member of Living Economies Educational Trust. She is a team member of the Leadership in Communities (LinC) programme. Currently (2016) she is very involved in developing a social enterprise in collaboration for four other third sector organisations. Margaret has the ability to see emerging patterns and explore positive solutions; seeing global trends and working on solutions at a local level. Margaret is a speaker, mentor, facilitator, networker and a co-creator of magic!