Vibrant, healthy, interconnected communities are the life force of our country.

Community Advisor Extraordinaire - Sally Latham



Sally Latham is a Community Advisor with the Department of Internal Affairs. Her role with that department is working in partnership to build strong communities that are sustainable and resilient. After attending the Edgar Cahn workshop organised by Project Lyttelton in 2015, she was inspired to be part of the TimeBanking Aotearoa New Zealand project to support and promote TimeBanking, in the community-building role that it can have in all our communities. 


TimeBanking says we all have skills. We have a true community adviser in Sally. She brings an incredible wealth of skills to our team; she is a great strategiser, an awesome timekeeper and minute taker.  She looks at things from every possible angle. Sally keeps the team grounded and on track, and her knowledge of funding streams and guidance on how a national body might look is simply priceless.  Everyone needs a Sally!