Vibrant, healthy, interconnected communities are the life force of our country.

The Volunteer TBANZER Squad!

The members of our team are all volunteers.  See here for more information on the governance of TimeBank Aotearoa New Zealand. In TimeBanking every person and every skill is of equal value. We introduce the members of our team in no particular order........

Research & Marketing - Lucie Ozanne

Lucie Ozanne2


Lucie is an Associate Professor of Marketing at the University of Canterbury. She has been involved with the Lyttelton TimeBank since 2009. She has served on the Lyttelton TimeBank Advisory Committee since 2011. Her main role has been to advise the coordinators and conduct research on TimeBanking in Lyttelton. Lucie has presented and spoken about New Zealand TimeBanking in Europe, Australia and the United States. You can view her research here. Lucie will monitor the impact of a national body on TimeBanking in New Zealand.



Our Co ordinator, Jules



Julie Lee, or Jules as she likes to be known, was instrumental in setting up New Zealand’s first TimeBank in Lyttelton near Christchurch. She was in the role at the time of Christchurch’s earthquakes during 2010 and 2011. The magnificent work that she did during that time with the TimeBank was widely complimented and recognised not just by the local emergency services, but also the New Zealand Navy, who happened to be in port at the time of the earthquakes. In mobilising the community and interfacing with national and government bodies during that time, she helped the value of TimeBanking to be recognised on a whole new level.

New Zealand's TimeBanking Guru - Margaret  Jefferies

MargaretJefferies 2


Margaret Jefferies is a visionary.  She is often referred to as the "Grandmother of New Zealand TimeBanking". In her role as Chair of Project Lyttelton, Margaret sought to establish a complementary currency in Lyttelton as a community builder.  She introduced the concept of TimeBanking to New Zealand in 2005, the result of which was New Zealand's very first TimeBank, the Lyttelton TimeBank. Margaret enjoys playing with the many possibilities that TimeBanking can open up for communities – and the working towards getting them healthily established.

No One Tells it Better - Lisa Bevan

Lisa Bevan


Lisa brings her fantastic writing skills to TBANZ.  Lisa worked for some time after the earthquakes to coordinate TimeBanking in Lyttelton and also to help develop and support TimeBanks nationally around New Zealand. She did this because she loves that such a simple concept can be so empowering both to the givers and receivers of a TimeBank trade, and that this is a way to bring abundance to a whole community. Lisa left TimeBanking for a while to set up her own business, which has been a huge success for her.

Community Advisor Extraordinaire - Sally Latham



Sally Latham is a Community Advisor with the Department of Internal Affairs. Her role with that department is working in partnership to build strong communities that are sustainable and resilient. After attending the Edgar Cahn workshop organised by Project Lyttelton in 2015, she was inspired to be part of the TimeBanking Aotearoa New Zealand project to support and promote TimeBanking, in the community-building role that it can have in all our communities.