Vibrant, healthy, interconnected communities are the life force of our country.

TimeBank Aotearoa New Zealand

Our Visiontbanz map plain

Having vibrant, healthy, interconnected New Zealand communities, which are acknowledged as the life force of our country.

Our Mission

Facilitating an equitable and resilient way forward for Aotearoa New Zealand by creating a means of exchange that values sharing the gifts we have with others, strengthening a sense of community and inspiring respect for each other and our environment.

Why a National Body?

Lyttelton TimeBank was New Zealand’s first TimeBank. All communities could benefit from TimeBanking. There is much interest in the establishment of TimeBanks from all around New Zealand. To ease this process, it is necessary to provide readily available information and expertise, promote the concept, build awareness and develop national and international inter-trading and thus a national level body is required.


About TimeBank Aotearoa New Zealand

As at November 2016 TimeBank Aotearoa New Zealand (TBANZ) is not a registered body. It is working towards this. Currently TBANZ is a project under the community organisation, Project Lyttelton. Project Lyttelton Incorporated is a Registered Charitable Organisation. Registration Number CC26725


Governance of TimeBank Aotearoa New Zealand

The governance of TimeBank Aotearoa New Zealand is a project for 2017. It is envisaged that TBANZ will become a legal entity with its own governance. The individual TimeBanks of New Zealand will be invited to be part of this process. It is further envisaged that this board will decide on the strategic direction of TBANZ, ensuring that TBANZ's mission and vision are upheld.