A growing collection of publications on TimeBanking in New Zealand, featuring the reasearch of Lucie K Ozanne. Lucie is the Associate Professor of Marketing at Canterbury University. Lucie has been involved with TimeBanking from its early beginnings in New Zealand. 


Lucie K Ozanne & Julie L Ozanne (2013)  Developing Local Partners in Emergency Planning and Management - Lyttelton TimeBank as a Builder and Mobiliser of Resources during the Canterbury Earthquakes

Lucie K Ozanne (2012) - Learning to Exchange Time  Benefits and Obstacles to TimeBanking

Lucie K. Ozanne & Julie L. Ozanne, (2016) How Alternative Consumer Markets Can Build Community Resiliency

Tephra (2012): Community Resilience  Case Studies from the Canterbury Earthquakes

Lisa Geary (2010) Fesability Study on a Canterbury University TimeBank